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Badges and Awards

While the emphasis is on a Balanced Programme of activities, there are still badges and awards for Scouts to aim for. Badges and awards are given in recognition of the effort made by each young person at their own level.

The Membership Award

This award helps the young person understand the commitment they are making when they make the Promise and become a Member of the Movement, if they have not been a Cub Scout. It covers the history, traditions and practices of Scouting.

Participation Awards

The Participation Awards recognise a commitment to Scouting. They celebrate Scouts participating in a Balanced Programme over a period of time. They are awarded on the anniversary of the young person joining Scouting.


The Challenges complement the Balanced Programme. These have been developed to extend Scouts’ skills and experience in a particular area. There are nine Challenges in the Scout Section:

  • Adventure Challenge
  • Creative Challenge
  • Expedition Challenge
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Personal Challenge
  • Skills Challenge
  • Team Leader Challenge
  • Teamwork Challenge
  • World Challenge

Activity Badges

Activity Badges are optional, but they provide an opportunity to reward a young person who has taken part in an activity over a period of time. They should raise interest and extend a young person’s skills throughout their time in Scouting. There are 60 Scout Activity Badges, ranging from Astronomer to Circus Skills and Climber.

Staged Activity Badges

In addition to the Scout Activity Badges, there are 14 Staged Activity Badges staged across the all Sections. These give a young person the opportunity to develop an area of interest throughout their time in Scouting from 6 –18. These are:

  • Air Activities
  • Community Impact
  • Digital Citizen
  • Digital Maker
  • Emergency Aid
  • Hikes Away
  • Musician
  • Nautical Skills
  • Navigator
  • Nights Away
  • Paddle Sports
  • Sailing
  • Swimmer
  • Time on the Water

Chief Scout’s Gold Award

This badge is the highest award available in the Scout Section.

How to earn the award.

  • Earn six activity or staged activity badges of your choice. They could be badges you gain outside of your normal meetings or ones you’ve achieved through your programme.
  • Complete the nine challenge awards. These are:
      • World Challenge Award
      • Skills Challenge Award
      • Creative Challenge Award
      • Outdoors Challenge Award
      • Adventure Challenge Award
      • Expedition Challenge Award
      • Teamwork Challenge Award
      • Team Leader Challenge Award
      • Personal Challenge Award

The Chief Scout’s Gold Award can be worn on the Explorer Scout Uniform once the Scout moves onto Explorer Scouts.

The Moving-On Award

This Award helps ease the transfer of a Scout to the Explorer Scout Unit. It also allows the Scout to be invested into the Unit immediately, recognising that they are already Members of the Scout Movement.


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